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All the charms of Boulonnais

The region, its nature

The Opal Coast is the best-preserved of Europe

The site of the two capes, Gris-nez and Blanc-nez: ranked Grand Heritage site of France by the Heritage of Unesco.
Spectacular site: cliffs overlooking the sea, immense beaches, dunes, heathland, estuaries.
The immense beaches and the charm of all the different seaside resorts: The Touquet, Hardelot, Wimereaux, Ambleteuse, Wissant, and the authentic fishing village of Audresselles.

Farmland and large forests crossed by a multitude of hiking trails. More info (in french)


Golf - 10 courses close to us
Wimereux, Hardelot, Le Touquet, Nampont St. Martin, St. Omer and Belle Dune: More info (in french)

Water Sports
Kite surfing, sailing, yachting, windsurfing, speed-sailing, kayaking, rowing is the most practiced sports in our region. More info (in french)

And do not hesitate to discover our beautiful region by bicycle, horseback, paragliding, ballooning, or walking...

Nausicaa and Boulogne sur Mer

Nausicaa: The National Center for the Sea.
This is the major area for discovery of the sea in Europe.

Boulogne is the first fishing port of France and leading European processing center, of marketing and distribution of seafood products. More info (in french)

The town of Boulogne sur Mer and its rich historical heritage

The high-walled city with its belfry registered with the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the ramparts and the castle museum of the twelfth century and many famous monuments of the Napoleanic era. More info (in french)